Introducing the guide

Introducing the guide


My name is Teemu Hiltunen and i am  professional fishing guide working in Kuopio-Tahko-Tervo area. I will guide you for over 20-years of experience of fishing. It started just with one rod and a line  since i were only a little boy. From that, it has expanded to trolling, fly fishing and jigging.

For me fishing isn’t just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. When you choose me as your guide, i guarantee that there is a possibility, that you will catch a fish of your life time or find a good place you can’t even imagine.

My main focus at lake for fishing pike is jigging with softbaits or casting it with BIG lures near the shore.

For catching perch and pikeperch the most effective way  is to jig them also with softbaits. Our waters are full of these three species! You can also fish  them at the same time. Fishing and taking fish for food is done sustainable way.

Fishing guide education

I gratuaded for “Ichtyologist” at 2015 from Turku University of Applied Sciences. It means “the one who knows everythig about fish” for Latin. I think it holds up for me very well. I have expertise from different fish indystry jobs for several of years. Example, i have worked in a tackle shop, fishing guide and been in fish industry in many ways.

I have studied to be a fishing guide and safety comes first being in my boat. It has safety equipment and is suited perfectly up for offering professional guide services.

Welcome to beautiful Finnish lakes and let me guide you through the trip that you will never forget!


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Teemu Hiltunen
040 7746 308


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