Whole day fishing trip

Koko päivän reissu kalastusmestareille

Whole day fishing trip

8 hours, 1-5 persons/boat

Would you want to relax and enjoy your time with no horry at all? If yes, this is the trip that you need! Theres enough time to find the best places and try different methods. We can also stop and take a break in island or maybe we could eat at somewhere. Lunch and refreshments are best way to stop the fishing, and continue it with new energyin your body!

In a shorter trips, we try to find the fish and catch them with limited time. It may feel a little bit hectic and you have to change places and search the active fish. With this trip, we have enough time to fish places longer, do maybe something else also and enjoy the whole day in the waters. You can also tell me, what would be the fishing style you are interested in and want to learn it. We can do jigging or casting, it’s up to you!

If you need lunch or refreshments, let me know before hand. You can order them with you!

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Trip is included:

Life jackets
Rent of the boat and fishing gears
Fuel used in the trip
Insurance needed
Catch of the day prepared with you
Fun & good time in the waters!


From spring to autumn ( approximately 15.5. -15.11.)

725 €

incl. VAT 10%

For a bigger groups, ask an offer!

Remember the Finnish fisheries management fee! Check details: http://www.eraluvat.fi/en/fishing/fishing-permits-and-fees/fisheries-management-fee.html

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